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5 Reasons to visit Northumberland this Spring and Summer

  • By Matfen Hall
  • February 25, 2022
  • Northumberland
  • Outdoor Pursuits

As English counties go, Northumberland embraces a reputation as one of the most remarkable. With stretches of the country’s finest coastline, rolling hillsides and vast open spaces, it’s clear to see why more people than ever are journeying to Northumberland to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

An abundance of hidden beauty spots, inky black skies and encapsulating scenery rarely fails to capture the hearts of those venturing to our quiet corner of England, but for those still needing some convincing, here’s just five of the many reasons to visit Northumberland this Spring and Summer.

Wide Open Spaces

Home to vast open swathes of forestland, miles of empty beaches, and the UK’s most sparsely populated National Park, Northumberland boasts a proud title as the country’s least populated county. With approximately 64 people per square kilometre, compared with London’s 5,101, Northumberland, and its vast open spaces, is a place you can truly feel alone. A place to relax without fear of being interrupted by the noise of other visitors admiring the very same view.

Hidden throughout our region is some of England’s most isolated corners. Take Kielder Forest, for example, a stunning wonderland covering 250-square miles of remote upland terrain. What we love most about Kielder is its stillness – it’s a place where often the only sounds to be heard are the footsteps beneath you and the gentle rustle of trees blowing in the wind. What’s more, its quiet whereabouts and expanse gives explores the opportunity to discover hidden spots that others have yet to uncover.

Though, it’s not just our forests that are peaceful. While thousands flock to Brighton, Cornwall and Devon each year, stretches of desolate white sandy beach, complete with towering dunes, impressive off-shore islands and rocky headlines, awaits your journey to Northumberland. From Bamburgh Beach and Embleton Bay to Ross Back Sands, Northumberland is home to some of the best beaches in England.

Hidden Beauty Spots

From staggeringly beautiful countryside and stretches of dramatic coastline to world-famous monuments, Northumberland boasts a treasure trove of tourist attractions just begging to be explored. Aside from your usual must-sees, our spectacular region encompasses an array of hidden beauty spots just waiting to be uncovered, visited and adored.

Whilst the postcard-pretty castles of Bamburgh, Dunstanburgh and Alnwick are popular all year round, tucked away just one mile from the village of Corbridge – and 10 miles from Matfen Hall – quietly sits another beautiful castle eager to be discovered and enjoyed. Almost entirely intact, Aydon Castle is one of the finest and most unaltered examples of a 13th century English manor house and is a true hidden gem in Northumberland.

There’s nothing quite as beautiful as nature itself – particularly when this involves a cascading waterfall at the end of a wonderful walk. Set amidst the wild Northumberland moorlands, Linhope Spout is another quiet place to visit during your stay. Whether you’re searching for incredible views or a pool of water to refresh yourself with following your walk, Linhope Spout is bound to be a place that impresses all. When you’re ready for a change of scenery, why not swap the beautiful green views of Linhope for views across our championship golf course as you settle your appetite with lunch in the Orangery?

The Dark Skies Above

Officially labelled the most pristine skies in England, it’s no wonder our region has become a thriving location for stargazing in recent years. Nestled within The International Dark Sky Reserve, our 300-acre estate is a prime location to see some of the clearest views of the night sky in the whole of the UK. On a clear night, thousands of stars illuminate the skies above, a staggering 2.5 million light-years away. A lesser-known fact is that Northumberland is also regarded as the best place in England to see the Milky Way and Northern Lights.

So, for any budding astronomers seeking to explore the wonders of our Universe, why not book a stay in one of our charming Balcony Rooms and enjoy your very own private viewing point each evening? Upon gazing at the galaxy, retire to one of our luxury bar areas –  1832 or Needham – for a well-deserved nightcap to share your galactic experience with our friendly locals.

An Abundance of Outdoor Activities

The list of things to do in Northumberland is endless. Whether you opt for life in the fast lane, exploring Northumberland on horseback or prefer a quieter pace of adventure with a gentle hike, you can do it all and more from within reach of Matfen Hall.

Try your hand at river fishing, go clay pigeon shooting, cycle in some of the country’s most picturesque places, or journey to the Farne Islands to discover a wealth of local wildlife. No matter how you choose to spend your time, there’s one thing for certain: you won’t be short of things to do in Northumberland this Spring and Summer.

After immersing yourself in the endless outdoor experiences located on our doorstep, join us back on our estate to for a heartwarming Northumberland feast in the Emerald Restaurant.

Panoramic Views at Every Turn

While just a short distance away from vibrant Newcastle Upon Tyne, our unique setting is far from busy city life. Rich in heritage, atmosphere, and space, Matfen Hall proudly stands in the heart of Northumberland – offering visitors a perfect pathway to experience stunning views of iconic landmarks and encapsulating countryside.

For legs in need of frequent rest or for the days where you just want to take it easy, why not discover some of Northumberland’s best driving routes? From navigating hairpin corners in the North Pennines to crossing military ranges in Northumberland National Park, magnificent sights fill your view at every turn, making it impossible not to stop and reach for your camera.

The North Pennine Loop offers an unforgettable driving experience. Climbing out of the sleepy village of Blanchard, the road reveals the entrancing North Pennies’ Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, before arriving in the historic village of Allenheads, Hexham.

For something a little closer to our estate, discover one of the most historic roads our region has to offer. Snaking its way along Northumberland’s mighty Whin Sill and passing dramatic views of Hadrian’s Wall and the Sycamore Gap, this 17-mile stretch of road was built by General Wade in the 18th century to move the Roman army between Newcastle and Carlisle in 1746.

After journeying to some of our region’s most remote expanses, soaking up panoramic views of historic landmarks and native wildlife, nothing feels better than enjoying a dose of fresh, Northumberland air on our Championship Golf Course. Experience the extraordinary and book your visit to Matfen Hall today.

Bamburgh Castle on the Northumberland coast, England

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