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With an emphasis on mind, body, and spirit, The Retreat at Matfen Hall is designed to provide Hotel guests and visitors with a complete luxury escape from start to finish. From our private 15-meter swimming pool and thermal suite, to our advanced fitness area, everything is focused on your relaxation.

Treatment List

Water meets the sky under our expansive glass roof, allowing the sunlight above to flood over you as you take a dip in our 15-meter swimming pool. Choose to dive into our pool for a few refreshing lengths, or enjoy a leisurely afternoon relaxing around it before taking a quick dip. 

Revell in unrivalled relaxation for your body and mind with our luxuriously finished thermal suite and jacuzzi, boasting meticulously placed water jets and massage features to create your own warm oasis of bliss.

Start your journey with us in ultimate relaxation as we invite you to loosen your muscles and ease your tired mind with aromatherapy essence, mood lighting, and gentle heat in our aromatherapy room.

A treat for your skin designed to help your circulation and reduce stress levels, our high-humidity steam room is infused with aromatic steam that slowly soothes and heats the body – leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Our traditional sauna uses dry heat to invigorate the mind, increase blood flow to the skin, and soothe aching muscles, resulting in a completely profound effect both during and after a moment of reflection in the sauna.

A cascade of water is delivered in seconds to cool and invigorate the entire body, energising the mind and body and leaving you feeling revitalised ahead of the rest of your day. This experience is most effective following a comforting trip to our sauna or steam room.

The ideal experience to indulge in both before and after a journey to one of our thermal suites, enjoy a monsoon shower and take your pick of water patterns and temperatures that will completely refresh and cleanse your skin.

Our ice fountain contains fine, crushed ice which, when applied directly to the skin, cools the body and forces pores to shrink and close upon expelling toxins – leaving your skin looking and feeling clean, clear and fresh.

Work out the way you want in our high-performance fitness area. Featuring the latest, revolutionary state-of-the-art Technogym range, we invite you to boost your capability in our fitness area. 


The Retreat is open from 7.00am-10.00pm. Children under the age of 16 are welcome in the pool from 8.00am-10.00am and 5.00pm-7.00pm with a supervising adult. Children are not permitted in the Sauna, Steam Room, Gym or Spa Bath. A maximum of two children can be supervised by one adult when bathing.

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