How to present the perfect cheeseboard this Christmas

  • By Matfen Hall
  • December 21, 2022
  • Seasonal Celebrations

While we are unable to host you and your loved ones this Christmas, due to an exciting period of renovation at our historic estate, we are still able to provide you with some signature Matfen Hall magic. For many, our selection of artisan cheeses is a highlight of their dining experience during their stay with us and so, we invite you to enjoy a December to remember with family and friends, thanks to our guide on how to create the perfect cheeseboard.

Use different textures

From creamy camemberts to crumbly cheddars, a memorable cheeseboard offers a range of textures and tastes. Whether your guests are genuine aficionados or simply enjoy sampling different types of cheese, a good rule of thumb is to provide a selection of both hard and soft options. While Brie is often the popular choice when it comes to selecting soft cheeses, Gruyère and Manchego provide a hard texture and Stilton and Provolone offer a happy medium. Your choice of cheese types can complement each other further with different varieties of milk, such as cow, sheep and goat.

Bread or crackers?

There is some truth to the notion that we eat first with our eyes and that’s never more true than with a delicious cheeseboard. That’s why it’s important to include ideal additions, such as crackers, soft warm bread or even breadsticks, allowing your guests to enjoy a selection of cheeses in a selection of different ways. Whether they choose to place cheese atop a cracker, spread it onto a slice of bread or dip into it with a breadstick, your family and friends can try each variation, finding their favourites along the way.

The perfect accompaniments

Like the cheese you serve, there also needs to be variety in what you serve it with. Meats, fruit and spreads all elevate your cheeseboard to an indulgent level, allowing you and your guests to sample a number of different combinations. Fresh fruit, such as grapes, pears and raspberries can complement and ultimately enhance the savoury taste of the cheese, while olives also provide a different taste within the dining experience.

Likewise, a selection of meats, such as ham, salami and chorizo can all be served to utilise the taste of the cheese on offer, while different flavours of chutney or even butter can add an additional taste to your already flavoursome cheeseboard.

What wine do you serve with your cheeseboard?

When serving the perfect cheeseboard to your nearest and dearest, selecting the perfect wine pairing will elevate your festive gathering to a truly luxurious level. The perfect wine and cheese pairing works together to unlock a fuller flavour on the palate.

For soft cheeses, we recommend you serve crisp whites like Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc, while semi-hard cheeses are best when paired with fruity reds like a subtle Merlot or a Shiraz. Hard-aged cheeses, meanwhile, go very well with Champagne, Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel, while sweet wines also bring out their saltiness.


Whether you are having the whole family over, a few select friends or a cosy night in for two, a beautifully-presented cheeseboard is a wonderful way to bring people together this Christmas.

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