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A visit to The Retreat at Matfen Hall isn’t simply an hour or two of relaxation away from the stresses of everyday life; it’s the start of a journey for your mind, body and spirit. It symbolises the time you’ve taken to invest in yourself. It’s a time to pause, rewind and restart in an environment uniquely focused on your wellbeing.

A sanctuary of tranquillity, The Retreat invites you to indulge each one of your senses in a harmonious experience that transports you to a state of total wellbeing. Indulge in Treatments and Rituals tailored to your mind, body and spirit by our specialist therapists, or simply relax and enjoy our pool and poolside thermal suite. 

It’s all here. And it’s all waiting for you.

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Whether you need to de-stress, recharge and restore a balanced state of mind, or you choose to slip into the pool for an hour of peace and quiet, step into your own haven of tranquillity with a visit to The Retreat.

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